Useful Links:

•Here is a useful file that you can print out if you would like to read your entire bible in a year by reading a small portion every day.

•Here is a useful list of Readings that you can turn to in times of need.

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The Inland Empire Raw Foods Meet Up Group is grateful for being allowed to use the Fellowship Hall for their meetings and appreciates the support of The Lutheran Church of the Cross in bringing good health to our community!

•Lutheran Church of the Cross is a congregation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
•We are a part of the Pacifica Synod
•We are a part of the Big Bear Conference of the Pacifica Synod
The publishing house of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Project Wittenberg: An electronic text library of reformation materials
LRCC: Lutheran Retreats, Camps & Conferences the websites of our camps and retreat center in Southern California

Central City Lutheran Mission is in need of support. Learn how you can help!

•For useful Biblical information, here is a fantastic source called Bible Tutor.

•All Lectors! How do we pronounce those biblical names? Here is a great site for getting correct pronunciations.

Women of the ELCA - Pacifica Synod
Lutheran World Relief
Lutheran Services in America
The Lutheran Magazine