Recycling and The Community Garden:

We celebrated Earth Day with a special ceremony. New trees were planted on the church grounds! Though Earth Day was observed on April 22nd, we can observe it year round! Using less water, recycling our discarded organic waste, and car pooling are just a few of the hundreds of things we can do.

On that note, our new Trees church has launched a Community Garden! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to grow your very own fruits and vegetables! Everyone is excited about this. Community Gardens offer local residents greater access to fresh, local produce, lower grocery bills and an increased sense of community. You are invited to come along to join in the fun and meet new friends, learn about organic gardening, and living in a more sustainable way! We also celebrate the gardening activities with picnics and organic gardening classes. The community garden is a fantastic educational resource for anybody interested in growing food organically. If you are interested in participating in this free service for the community, contact Ken Heater: (909) 562-9651. We will be happy to get you started! Happy Earth Day!